Monday, December 1, 2014

Currently...Back at It!

Um. November is over, December is here, and I missed a whole month on ye olde blogge! Eeeek! Thank goodness for Farley and her awesome monthly linky.

I'm back, baby.

Listening: Ok, I have crossed over into the next demographic box or something, because I am loving smooth jazz lately. It soothes the beast, I think. And the Christmas station is exactly what the doctor ordered: comforting, cozy, and mostly instrumental (e.g. no obnoxious singing). Maybe it's the grinch in me, or maybe it's too early, but I heard Perry Como singing It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas and I almost tore my hair out ("and mom and dad can hardly wait for school to start again! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!"--it was awful).

Loving: another thing that soothes the beast! I have been drinking tea every night before bed for the last couple of weeks, and it really makes a difference. I am able to sleep the whole night through, and it is awesome restorative sleep. Two enthusiastic thumbs up! I recommend it for all my teacher-blog friends :)

Thinking: Yup, another thing that comes with December. Put it on the to-do list!

 Look at them! They are rock stars, they got this.

Wanting: Oh, my poor, neglected blog. I have missed thee so. But every time I thought about posting something in November...I talked myself into doing some other school-related task instead. I figured if I have time to blog, then I have time to do XYZ. It's a terrible slippery slope. My goal is to get back to posting at least once a week, deal?

Needing: OMG, I looooooved my Thanksgiving break. Five glorious days of lounging, napping, relaxing, wearing sweat pants? It was everything I hoped it would be. I didn't even watch much tv, just relaxing on the couch with the kitties was enough for me. And listening to the smooth jazz radio station, of course!

Giving: You know what? I have a wonderful family, a loving supportive partner, and the best class I could ever ask for as I dive back in to classroom teaching. I am one lucky lady, and I need to remember that instead of letting the stress wear me out (as it did in November...). I also give thanks for the support from my friends, both IRL and here! 

So if you are reading this, Thank YOU!

And see you soon,