Monday, October 13, 2014

Letters On My Day Off-Columbus Day

Good afternoon everyone,

Today I am linking up (a day late) with Michelle at Big Time Literacy for her bi-weekly Sunday Morning Letters:

Thanks to this glorious 3-day weekend, today is like my Sunday! I'm having coffee now and chilling on a rainy afternoon, just catching up on my favorite teacher blogs. Ah, if only we could have an extra day every week to decompress...anyway, the letters:

Dear Neck and Shoulders,

Please have mercy on me and stop tightening up so badly! I've already taken you to the chiropractor twice in the last 4 days, I've relaxed with no schoolwork since Friday, and I've slept in all weekend. What else do you want from me? Someone has to clean the house, you know.

Leave me alone,
Cranky Teacher

Dear Massage Therapist,

You rock! You are 5'2" and super-strong. The deep tissue massage that you gave me today hit all the tiny muscles in my neck and scalp that I forgot existed! I'm sorry my stomach was growling the whole time because it was lunch time...I can't wait to go back later this week for more relaxation and rejuvenation.

Very Truly Yours,
Relaxed Teacher

Dear teacher friends,

You help keep me sane in an insane environment, and for that I am so grateful. It was wonderful to get together last week for happy hour and chit-chat, just like therapy for me. (I actually did happy hour with 3 different friends on 3 different nights!) Please know that you are wonderful teachers and very good friends, even if I forget to say so sometimes.

Frazzled Co-Worker

Dear Students,

Thank you for being you. I could not have asked for a better class for my first year back in the classroom! You make teaching you the best part of my day. And when you groan because the timer goes off and we have to transition to a different activity, I have to hide my smile as I help you switch gears. Your excitement for learning reminds me of what it's all about!

Thank you thank you thank you,
Su Maestra

Dear Workload,

How is it that you manage to keep growing steadily, even as I continue to chip away at you everyday?? Do you realize that I am just one person, and that I have a family and personal life? Can we make a deal? I will stay later on Friday to get ready for next week if you promise to stay at a manageable size this week.

Simple Human

Ok, so they were more rants than letters, but it was still fun to write! Please write your own letters to the stuff in your life and link up with Big Time Literacy :)

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  1. First thing - your closing on the first letter, "leave me alone" - totally lol-ed :-)
    Glad you have a great class and totally know what you mean about the work load. How is it that summer is so slow - not much (if anything) to do and then school is like 120mph non-stop? Totally know what you mean!
    Have a great week!


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