Saturday, October 25, 2014

Five for a Saturday Afternoon

Happy glorious Saturday! After a gloomy week with no sunshine and 40-degree weather, today it is actually 70 degrees and beautiful in Chicago :)

So I am feeling lazy and happy and decided to link with Doodle Bugs even though I missed the Friday party...

Sooo, without further ado, here are my Five for Saturday, in no particular order:

This week we took a field trip to the farm to learn about pumpkins and gourds, and farm life in the past. The kids got to feed the animals and we even went on a haunted hayride!

We had parent/teacher conferences the next day, which means sitting in a tiny chair for 8 hours after being allowed to roam free on the farm and enjoy the fresh air. Le sigh.

However, my conferences went great. I have THE best class in the whole wide world, incredibly supportive parents, and a happy, positive, calm classroom atmosphere in general. I have to pinch myself sometimes, "Is it really supposed to be this easy??" Believe me, I count my blessings every day.

So there were really only three days of actual classroom instruction going on this week, and the best day was Friday, believe it or not! We have NO specials on Friday. I think the kids were excited to do some actual work after 2 days of fun and running around. They were well-behaved, focused, and productive.

I love these kids.

As you can see, I have become very handy with the ol' classroom twitter account that I was hesitant to adopt at first. It's just hard to detach myself while I am teaching and remember to document and tweet about what we're doing. I think it's because we are so hands on in the primary grades with these little ones. But, the way I do it is to make sure I have my phone with me in my pocket at all times; that way if something is particularly cool I can snap a picture and tweet it when I get a moment (not necessarily in that moment).

P.S. Android, not iPhone, all the way!

I have a new contract! Woo-hoo! The board approved it on Wednesday, so hopefully my (very modes) raise will kick in on the next paycheck. Mama needs a new pair of shoes-- and transmission work on the car :/

That's it. Thanks for reading and have a fan-tastic weekend my friends.


  1. Your farm trip looks fun!!! How great for your students.

    1. Says the teacher who gets to do that stuff every day :)


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