Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sunday Morning Letters, Cold Weekend

It's still Sunday and I already finished my coffee, but I'm going to link up with Michelle at Big Time Literacy for Sunday Morning Letters!

Dear Itchy Nose,

I sincerely hope that you are a weird late-season allergy visitor and not a new round of the common elementary teacher cold. You have been bothering me and making me sneeze since Friday afternoon, and I don't mind because I don't feel sick otherwise. Please just keep your cousin, Sore Throat, away from me OK?

Take care,
Frazzled Teacher

Dear September,

Please take it easy on me. You have been kicking my butt so far with all of the beginning of the school year activities and I am ready to put you behind me! This week's first round of Parent-Teacher Conferences is going to be another endurance test for me, but after that you will ease up, right?

Beat it,
Grumpy Teacher

(This is Bob Cratchit, how I feel sometimes)

Dear Tentative Agreement,

It was not your time to be yet. I hope that after tomorrow's meeting we can go back to the other party and re-create you for the good of all the teachers. Please come back to us soon!

A Hopeful Employee

(Courtesy of IBEW)

Dear Riot Fest,

It's official, I am old. When I first heard back in April that you were bringing The Cure and Social Distortion to Chicago, I almost peed my pants with excitement as I jotted down it in my calendar! Not only were you too expensive for my little entertainment fund, but there was no. way. I was going out in the cold and rain to dance in the mud after a LOOOONG week of school. Sigh. Fade to me listening to Disintegration on my CD player.

When did this happen,
A former New Wave Enthusiast
(Oh yes, I used to party like these guys :)

Dear Teacher Blogs,

I love you. You make me feel like I am part of something bigger, and you remind me that there is more to what we are doing than the countless meetings, assessments, and data. I love getting new ideas from you, and I love sharing my little corner of the first grade world with all of you!

Much love,

That's it for this edition of letters. I will post again this week to update you on the happenings of my classroom!


  1. I agree with you about fellow bloggers. Hopefully you don't get sick!

  2. I love your letter too to the fellow bloggers! It's such a cool community, right?
    Also, thanks for all your work with the negotiations. I hope our time to have a contract is coming soon! :-)
    Thanks for linking up today!

  3. I hope your contract is complete soon! Love the blogging community :) Have a great week!

    A Very Curious Class

  4. You know, we look to YOUR blog for ideas, too, because YOU are a teacher blogger! So...THANK YOU! ;) Oh, and yes, I hope the next contract works out. ;)
    Literacy Loving Gals

  5. Great letters!!! I love this blog community!!

  6. Cute letters! I love your excitement. Happy weekend :)


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