Monday, September 1, 2014

Big Time Literacy Letters

Even though it is not Sunday morning, I am still going to link up with my friend Michelle over at Big Time Literacy for her semi-weekly letter-writing partay!

Dear Blog,

I have been neglecting you for the last week or so. I have loved you from the moment that I created you, but lately there are just not enough minutes in my day to eat lunch, hydrate, or visit you. I am very sorry for ignoring you. You have been very kind to me as summer came to an end, and I know that you will continue to encourage me to post as we ease into Fall. You are so patient with me.

Thank you,
Your Frazzled Creator

Dear New Classroom,

I know I told you that you would be ready to host people last week, and I know that I lied. I didn't mean to, I fully intended to finish dressing you when I said that. This Thursday is parent orientation night, so you will definitely be ready to greet everyone as of Wednesday night. I promise. And I mean it this time.

Your Busy Designer

Dear Classroom Twitter Account,

I know we just met, but I feel like I've known you for years! It's because I had such a good relationship with your sister, Personal Twitter Account. Lately she and I have not had time to get together, but I know she remembers me. I am more concerned with you and I getting this relationship off the ground. I think I've tweeted 2 or 3 times, but the powers that be expect us to spend more time together. I look forward to working with you and meeting your Tweeps!


Dear Tentative Agreement,

I was excited to read you this weekend and note that we were able to get a raise after all! I hope that at tomorrow's meeting the members all vote to ratify you, because Mama's gotta pay her September rent! I know that employers don't just hand out contracts out of the kindness of their hearts, and I know that you are the result of countless hours of work and time away from loved ones. Thank you for coming into my life.

A Proud Union Member

Dear Week Ahead,

I'm coming for you, whether you want to or not!

Weekend Me

Haha well, that was super-fun and much easier than I thought it would be! Kudos to Michelle again for hosting and for encouraging the curation of this little corner of the blogging world.



  1. Very fun to read! Twitter...I will be watching you to see what happens. I have a personal account, but rarely visit. Maybe I should?

    1. Twitter is another time sucker like pinterest! It's great to follow other teachers and ed people though, and I even get my news from there- no need for TV...

  2. Crazy cute letters! I'm just learning the ins and outs of Twitter. I started an account for Literacy Loving Gals. I'm going to start following you!! ;)
    Literacy Loving Gals

    1. Ha! Just realized that I am, indeed, ALREADY following you! Silly me. :)

    2. Yes you are! See now I gotta tweet stuff so you don't forget that you are following me! Haha thanks for stopping by ;)

  3. This was such a fun blog post to read! I've never opened a Twitter account. No Facebook either. I'm so out of the social media loop! :)
    Laughter and Consistency

  4. I know, next up: Instagram. I just don't take enough pictures (ever) so I'm trying to get into the habit of doing that first...


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